Thursday, September 3, 2009

So That's Why They Invented Oven Mitts.

I'll set the stage for you. One Pre heated skillet. Two salmon fillets. One moronic cook who forgot the skillet was in the oven for 10 minutes heating. And Gratuitous amounts of profanity.

That was how I learned my hand can't withstand oven heated metal. The plus side was I made a citrus salmon recipe that was phenomenal.

I forget where I got it from but I'll throw it up here.

Title: Slammin Citrus Salmon

Total time (hrs/min)

1 ½ lbs wild salmon filets (skin and bones removed), cut into 4 pieces
½ medium sized onion, chopped
2 medium cloves garlic, chopped
2 tbs fresh lemon juice
2 tsp lemon juice
1 ½ cups fresh orange juice
2 tbs fresh parsley, minced
1 tsp fennel seed
Celtic Sea Salt & white pepper to taste

1. Preheat broiler on high and place a cast iron or stainless steel skillet under broiler for
about 10 minutes.
2. While skillet is heating up, place chopped onion, garlic, fennel seeds, orange juice
and 2 tbs lemon juice in a saucepan and cook on high for about 10-15 minutes.
Reduce sauce by half.
3. Take hot pan out of broiler. Season salmon with 2 tsp lemon juice, sea salt and
pepper and place on hot pan.
4. Return pan to broiler (approximately 5 inches from the heat) and broil salmon for
about 7 minutes depending on thickness. Generally, salmon should be cooked 8 - 10
minutes per inch of thickness. Do not flip the fish - the salmon is cooking on both
sides simultaneously.
5. When done broiling, remove salmon from pan, and place on top of bed of mixed
greens or steamed kale.
6. Season the citrus sauce with sea salt and pepper. Gently pour sauce over salmon &
greens. Sprinkle with finely chopped parsley.


I don't have much experience cooking fish, but this was definitely the greatest fish dish I've ever cooked! I will 100% cook it again, however I'll remember to keep my oven mitt on.

I should really start to rock some pictures too, this is getting waaaay too text heavy for my liking.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Broken Foot Joys

Four more weeks. Awesome, I recommend never breaking a bone in your foot.
The pros are at least I'm in a sweet aircast so I can take it off to shower and sleep. Garbage bagging a cast to have a shower is something I will not miss.

I made a wicked steak stirfry last night (recipe here). The most impressive thing about it is I actually made eggplant that was edible. I've tried a couple times before but could never stomach eggplant. I think this will make me look into some eggplant recipes and see if I can't make some interesting things.

The other nice thing about a removable cast is I can actually step on my scale and see my bodyweight. And I'm actually crazy impressed, my measurements last night were 170lbs and 16.8% bodyfat which is pretty impressive considering I was 185lbs and 20% 5 weeks ago. So according to my math (which could be a little off). Of the 15lbs I lost 7 of those were muscle, which when you have a leg that's been immobile for 5 weeks, that seems a little understandable. Those 7lbs are probably from just my leg which is now super tiny, literally it's half the size of my left leg.

Anyway, I think I'm going to try to do a little upper body weights, see if I can't help prevent more muscle loss, it's going to be a long 4 more weeks.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What Diet Are You On?

A question I've recieved numerous times already.
It's funny how diet oriented society is these days. Nobody can just be eating a normal lifestyle. Or if they are normal these days is crushing hamburgers and fries or a bag of chips.

The more I read about the health benefits of Primal eating the less cravings I have for starches and sugars. And yet when you point people to websites and documentaries talking about the evils of those things the first thing you hear is "Oh I can't live without bread".

I guess you just have to live your life for yourself. It is funny though when I cook up a giant steak or fry up some bacon and eggs in coconut oil and people give me a look and say "I thought you were on a diet".
Maybe it's just me but cutting some veggies and cracking a few eggs seems more appealing to me these days than putting some cardboard tray in a microwave for 5 minutes.

One more day till I goto the Docs to see about my foot. I can not wait to be able to go for a walk or a bike ride or anything more physical than hoping around on one foot.
Also my first order of business is buying a dehydrator and than I can hop on the jerky train!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Steak Dinners and Primal Living

I now have two solid weeks under my belt and I’m feeling great. I went to The Keg for dinner, and nothing is better than a giant steak and steamed vegetables. I also discovered a weird thing, usually when a restaurant would bring out some pre meal bread I would crush at least half of it. But Saturday when they brought it out I didn’t even think twice about eating it. It’s weirdly liberating to not be under the tyranny of constant hunger pains. (that sentence conjurs up images of a piece of bread in a Fidel Castro get up smoking a cigar.... or maybe that's just me)

I woke up Sunday morning and cruised until 3pm without the need or really the desire for food. I even was able to sit beside friends eating chips and popcorn while we were watching a movie and not have an urge to reach over and grab a handful.

I think there’s something to be said about intermittent fasting. It seems to help you gain insight on when you’re truly hungry. Since I’ve started doing one 24 hour fast a week, I’ve noticed the gut wrenching hunger I used to experience become a thing of the past.

My only problem now seems to be that I’m becoming a little preachy on the subject of Primal living. Although in my defence it’s only after people question why I’m not digging into the bread or ordering a twice baked potato. I’m thinking Christmas presents this year should be The Primal Blueprint and the Fat Head documentary.

And if anyone got a chance to go to the Blink 182 concert last night, I hope you were as impressed as I was. Love ‘em or Hate ‘em they put on a damn good show.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fat Head - My New Favourite Movie

If you haven’t already, I suggest checking out the documentary Fat Head by Tom Naughton. It’s incredibly eye opening, as well as pretty funny considering it’s a documentary about Fat.

I’m not going to write up a huge review because really you can search for one anywhere, the joys of the interweb. Here’s a little taste though...

Delicious right?

Also if you goto his movie blog he updates it regularly with articles and such relating to the high fat movement.

Also on another delicious note last night I made Pork Loin with Mango Salsa, a fantastic recipe I got from Marks Daily Apple. It was so good I ate it again for breakfast. And I learned something this morning pork breakfasts are a lot tastier than boring cereal.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Beginning

I guess it’s proper blogiquette (blog & etiquette creative right?) to start with a background story.

I’ve never been fit. Grade school to high school I didn’t play many sports and just kind of chilled out and ate. It wasn’t until College where I decided to try and make some changes. That’s when I got me a gym membership and started rocking “healthy eating”, which of course was low fat, eating every 3 hours and crushing protein shakes.

At my peak I was at 169. But this was not an easy task, it involved the gym every day, a food diary, and lots of skinless chicken and broccoli. I think I kept that for maybe a summer, but once I settled into a cushy office job a year later I was sitting at 185. So for the past year I’ve been going to the gym almost every day, subscribing to mainstream fitness and eating, and being average, not overly fat but definitely not in peak physical shape.

Then I got my big break, or little break I guess. I was out wakeboarding took an awkward bail and snapped my 5th metatarsal bone in my right foot. Now I’m screwed, if I have to go to the gym daily to sit at 185, 5-8 weeks without it is going to kill me. In an effort to stave off my gut and help heal faster I started looking up different diets and such. I stumbled upon Intermittent Fasting, and was intrigued. Eat as healthy as I could 6 days a week and one day I’d fast for 24 hours. I did 3 fasts in the first two weeks, and low and behold the fasts were not only easy but they seemed to help me lose weight. Naturally I kept digging and that’s when I landed on Marks Daily Apple, an amazing website all about Primal eating.

After a couple days perusing the site, and reading countless pages of research it made sense. Now here I am, week 4 into my break, with four weeks of Intermittent Fasting and two weeks of Primal eating I feel fantastic, and now I’m going to do my best informing people about the Primal Lifestyle.